**NOTE: Online tickets sales will appear as “Chamber Entertainment LLC” on your credit card statement.

Tickets can be purchased both onsite and online at the prices listed on the site.

You do not need to select a specific date and time for your online ticket purchase. The tickets can be redeemed any night this season.

Processing Fees

All online tickets have a non-refundable processing fee that will be charged at the time of purchase. This will be included as “Taxes and Fees” on your receipt.


All tickets purchased at our on-site ticket booth are non-refundable, and must be used within the current operating season. All unused online tickets can be refunded, minus processing fees. Refund requests must be received within the current operating season.

For other questions or comments, please contact us at the email listed on the bottom of this page. Include the word “Tickets” in the subject of your e-mail.

Once purchased, tickets are good for the entire season. If you are unable to complete the events on your ticket, feel free to come back a different night this season and use them.

To redeem your online ticket, just bring your smartphone or printed receipt and Photo ID to the ticket window and we’ll exchange it for hard-copy tickets.

QuickPass tickets should be redeemed in the QuickPass ticket line. No need to wait in the General Admission Ticket line for pickup!

Any haunted house ticket can be upgraded to Quickpass at any time. To upgrade, ask a worker where the nearest quickpass upgrade location is, or go to the Quickpass line at the ticket booth.

QuickPass Tickets: Online QuickPass Tickets allow you to come to skip the general admission line and go to the much shorter QuickPass line! To use, go to the Online / QuickPass Ticket booth, and then proceed to the QuickPass / Timed Ticket lines. Waiting time will be dramatically reduced. Once tickets are ordered online, you can use them immediately.

How we store and protect the information we collect:

We store your contact information you provide to us electronically in our databases so we can offer you special offers and discounts in the future. We do not store any credit card information or any other personal information. Firewalls and security gatekeepers control access to any and all servers used in your transactions.

Still uncomfortable ordering online?

Most ticketing options are available by visiting our location during business hours.

Contact us at the email below for questions related to ticketing.